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 What a neat mule - SOLD

"Curly" is quite a mule...he's quiet, friendly,good about his feet, was started under saddle as a two year old. He's a five year old now and has been ridden in the roundpen, pasture and trailridden. He has taken on quickly to the natural horsemanship groundwork that we have started him on...takes a bridle easily, gives to the bit, is used to a lariat rope swinging around him, etc. He is out out a favorite percheron mare and by our red/grey mammoth Czechszin bredk jack "Advantage"...I was there when Curly was born--his little ears curled together and touched.

He has a good start...will be great for someone to take him farther - further refine his training. He actually looks like he would make a neat English or Dressage mule because he has long legs and a long stride. But he's stout enough that he could make a good ranch mule too - definitely has the size and weight to hold a cow.

We've ridden him with a "flag" and he is totally confident and unafraid...Curly is an exceptionally quiet and nice-minded mule...

He has had an equine dentist work on him annually, and is current on coggins, flu, west nile, VEWT and rabies. Regular deworming program.

Curly stands about 15.3. Nice bright sorrel color with a long full tail. Very sensible. Good boned and sturdy, he has plenty of leg under him, active, agile and friendly. One of those kind of mules that puts up with anything!

He is quiet and likes trailriding..he hasn't found anything to spook at yet and has gone thru water, downed trees and steep ravines without any concern.

He's friendly and gentle - you don't have to hold him back, he's easygoing, doesn't mind following or leading.

Curly never bucked, even when first started under saddle. And so far, he has not found anything to spook at. He won't make a speed event mule, he's too big to be quick. But he is gentle and loves attention, sturdy enough to pack a goodsized person or load.

He loves the water, good to cross creeks, in the photo above he's standing chest high in a lake.

When I walk down the driveway, Curly follows along the front pasture fenceline walking along beside me. When we mow the yard, he mirrors us along the fence staying close to the loud, blowing dust & grass of the riding lawnmower. He's a giant, calm pet and a great riding animal.

I worked Curly with a lariat rope, he's been roped, had each foot held by the rope, used to the rope around his barrel and tightened up in his flanks, and had the rope up under his tail...none of that bothered him or scared him, couldn't get him to buck!

The thing that stands out about "Curly" is PERSONALITY. He is a "people" mule, he begs us to ride him because he enjoys attention so much. This mule will be a great best friend and calm trail mule. If this appeals to you, please phone us at 940 458-3404 or
Good young mule with plenty of bone, size and ability...

"Curly" may well be the smartest mule we've trained yet. He is very "mule-ey"...smarter like a donkey. His personality is very strong. He loves to please and he has been very easy to train. If you understand how a smart mule thinks...

These mules are just what we enjoy...and what people are looking for - a sane mule that likes people and is enjoyable to ride. You don't have to chase these mules down out in the pasture--they are up at the gate as soon as they see you outside. They load in the trailer, they stand still for saddling (we oftentimes saddle them loose in the corral or roundpen), stand still while you get on them and don't have to be "worked down" to be enjoyable to ride, even if you aren't able to get out and ride them but a couple of times a week or even a month.
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