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Young Trail Mule
SOLD 1/1/2007 Brn Mule
Sorrel Molly SOLD
Sorrel John SOLD
We've had another great year..... thanks. And many of our mules are going to repeat customers - that's a good sign that buyers are happy with their EBD mules!

This good young mule is athletic and good-minded. He is a show prospect--could go both western and English. He is calm and easygoing so would be a fun trail riding animal. We hauled him with us to Colorado and Wyoming this summer - was good to travel and jumped right in the trailer every time, no fuss. Easygoing kind of guy...

Thank you - it is an honor for us that the mules we enjoy can go on to be enjoyed by others!

Talented handy little mule that anybody who has a brain can ride and enjoy! SOLD

********SOLD - Bullwinkle has gone to a great new home!!!!

"Cowgirl's Cutter- 5yo 14.1 hand bay molly - cute and well-trained...THANKS, SOLD.

"Zena" - SOLD

Good-looking molly that is a nice trailriding animal. She was started under saddle at Buck Brannaman's clinic in San Angelo, Texas in February 2002. Then had 30 days professional training. We have been trailriding her since then. In the year we have been using her, she hasn't found anything in the countryside to spook at yet! Out of a Percheron Cross mare, she is good boned without being coarse. Five year old, 15.1 hands. Calm and easy-going.

What a neat looking saddle mule! She is an easy ride and has a strong desire to please. Was a welcome participant in October 05 Richard Winters Horsemanship Clinic.

This nice molly went to a great new home on the west coast this past fall. She went to a customer who already had one Equines by Design mule. This was a very nice quiet molly, great for trailriding, that was calm and sweet to be around. Congratulations, Maverick Mules!

"Gentle Ben" 7yo brown john, 15.1 hands - extremely gentle- wouldn't hurt a fly...if you are looking for something that likes attention and won't hurt you, he is the one!

Sturdy with good bone and foot, but not so tall that he's hard to get on! SOLD - 2nd Equines by Design mule for this family.

"Marshall Dillon" 4yo John Mule 14.3 hands

This good young mule has gone to a pretty lady in the beautiful Colorado Rockies!

Beautiful mule, quarter horse conformation with good withers and hip, a cute head. He is broke to death...he has had many months of professional reining training, he spins and has a sliding stop. He is calm and quiet, with a nice slow lope, but can kick it up into a hard run when asked, then come back down slow again.

He has been trailridden a LOT! And in a lot of places! He's been ridden in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Missouri. In a lot of different types of terrains...sand, mountains, shale and brush...he crosses water great.

This mule has been ridden in all kinds of terrain, sand, rock, shale, thru water and mountains. He is light to cues, sidepasses, two-tracks, etc. He jumps right in the trailer and is good to travel with.

14.2 hand 5yo Saddle Donkey Gelding
He's got everything I want in a saddle donkey--size, good conformation and a small pretty head. He moves clean and is active... Short back, good hip, straight legged.

Black Molly SOLDGood Trail Mules SOLDSOLD4 yo Broke to Death!Mule TrainingPhoto Album
Backtrailing (photos)...Sold.