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SOLD 1/1/2007 Brn Mule
Sorrel Molly SOLD
Sorrel John SOLD
This mule is classy and attractive...and he handles easily and willingly.

Cute john mule, 14.3 hands, deep black with a brown muzzle. Excellent trailriding mule.

Western Pleasure competitor--naturally travels with neck level & bridled, cute little jog and rocking horse lope! The best part...he's an awesome REINER too! Ninety days professional reining horse training! Stopping hard, turning around and spinning like a reining horse! So you have a mule that likes to go slow for WP, can do all the maneuvers of the reining but is good-minded enough to be great on the trail!

Earned Third Place in Green Reining at Bishop Mule Days World Championship Show May 2003.
He'd make a great "Ladies" mule because he is so gentle and mannerly. But he'd also be a good "cowboy" mule because he is athletic and quick and not afraid of anything! If you deserve a good mule, then here he is!
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