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Photos of mules we have raised and trained...
We've had a lot of nice mules over the years, here's remembering some...
Cottonginny, the mule that started it all! Featured here as a Model Mule in the 1980 Western Horseman All Breed issue.

This pretty grullo mule was the high seller at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo Mule Sale in 1978. She had been used on ranch in West Texas and came with 2 earmarks and four brands on her hip and shoulder.

With her, we won the SDMS High Point Mule of the Year 1979. She won almost every Western Pleasure class she was ever entered in for several years.
Members of:

Southwestern Donkey and Mule Society

Gulf Coast Donkey and Mule Association

American Donkey and Mule Society ( ADMS )

American Mule Association

North American Saddle Mule Association ( NASMA )

American Quarter Horse Association
We've trained and ridden about every kind of mule there is...out of thoroughbreds, quarter horses, drafts and color breeds. Mostly good ones but even we have wound up with a few that we bought that didn't work out. Don't waste your time or get hurt with an animal that has been hurt...because if they get scared, they will hurt you. Nothing's worth that!
Good mules are great.

A bad mule is horrible! Mules are not as forgiving as horses...once hurt by a human, they are very wary from then on.

Tom Horn, by our Jack Amarillo Slim, undefeated his second year green Western Pleasure at all major Texas Stock Show and Fair Mule shows, also won High Point Green at all these events. An extremely smart and sensitive mule, he brought us much joy and many, many wins at the large mule shows across the country, winning in events such as Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, Mulemanship, Trail, Reining, Penning and Dressage. He went on to win awards for another family, but is back with us now and retired out with the broodmares at Mulehill Ranch for the rest of his life.

This LOUD appaloosa mule was a headturner! After "South's successful show career, he was the mule we put people that weren't experienced riders...and he was great to snub colts to. He's retired to the pasture now.

The Bay Mule is "Scott's Sagebrush Molly" - a dominating competitor in the showring in many events. We won the large Showmanship at Halter at the Houston Livestock Show back in the 80's, I showed her in Sidesaddle, she was an awesome pleasure animal both English and Western, and she was a Bishop Mule Days World Champion Team Roping and Steer Stopping Mule! She won a ton of ribbons, trophies, high points and buckles! She is now owned by Nelda French of Levelland, Texas.

Mules are not for everyone. But I have noticed that once a person gets a good mule, they are hooked for life!
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