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Young Trail Mule
SOLD 1/1/2007 Brn Mule
Sorrel Molly SOLD
Sorrel John SOLD

SOLD...Cute handy red molly, 14.2 hands, loves green apple slices!

SOLD..."Cowgirl Up" Beautiful bay molly, 4yo 15.1 hands - neckreins, used to a bullwhip being cracked from her back, lays down on command
SOLD..."Smoky" 15 hand grey 6yo john mule - will make a great ranch or cow mule
SOLD..."Joe Cool" extremely talented & friendly 6yo john mule

Unique mule - first foal for a Clydesdale mare, she has good bone but a pretty look to her - not coarse and drafty. She stands almost 15.1 hands and will probably not get any bigger. I like the draftX mules as they are calm and have plenty of bone for soundness.

She has a neat look her and you couldn't ask for a better saddle mule. She has trailriding experience. Crosses logs, water and loads in the trailer great.

This mule will make a good dressage prospect and a pretty driving animal.

SOLD 1/06  Good AQHQ 4yo dapple grey gelding - King Fritz breeding

Gone to California - thanks, Ladypacker!

Black Molly SOLDGood Trail Mules SOLDSOLD4 yo Broke to Death!Mule TrainingPhoto Album
Backtrailing (photos)...Sold.