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It is with a lot of consideration that we are listing this mule for sale.  This beautiful buckskin molly is the most docile, sweetest, prettiest, brokest mule that I have ever been around - and we've been around a lot of good mules in the past almost 30 years. 

She is just a joy to be around - easygoing - no bad habits - no irritating habits - no problems...just a cute, want to please molly that is also really an attractive animal.

We put this molly up on our website for sale several years ago - had a lot of interest in her - but we decided that she was just so superbroke, gentle and trouble free that we ought to keep her. 

We have hauled her all around the country with us - Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada and California...she is just a sweetheart to be around.  We take her a lot of times thinking we will use her if one of the greener mules we are working with isn't making it...but as much as we take her, we seldom have to use her.  No problem, since she is so good to load, haul and handle. 

She rides in a halter, bosal, snaffle or curb bit.  She neckreins, follows your weight.  No spook to her. 

You can lead her with a shoestring around her neck.  She almost picks her feet just by pointing at them.  She has a tiny little smooth jog trot...when you ask for a lope, she drops right down into a slow, relaxing lope.

This a top of the line classy mule.  She deserves someone who will give her a good home and enjoy her.  She will bring a lot of pride to someone who wants a special mule and doesn't want to go thru five head of mules to find that good one.  In fact, if you look at it...if you bought 5 sorry or so-so mules at $3,000, you'd be money ahead by just buying this mule. 

But I am not trying to hard sell this molly - she will sell herself!  By the way, our percentage of mules sold compared to people who come out to look at them is better than 90%.  That's because the mules we sell are everything and more that we say they will be.  Thanks to you, our customers, this is a wonderful way to promote good mules.

We don't know if a nicer mule can be found - but its a little selfish to keep her if we're not using her.  Even if she is superbroke, gentle and a no problem kind of mule.  So she's offered for sale, her price is $12,000 - she's worth every penny and there's no haggling over the price - that's how strongly we feel about what a great mule she is. 

We realize that some of you out there are thinking...$12,000 for an animal that is not a breeding animal, that's too much for a mule that can't produce offspring... but good trail, working, cutting, and show geldings of all breeds sell for that all the time and they are not a breeding animal. 

The older I get, the more I realize that if I really want something to enjoy...dont keep putting it off, get it...you deserve it.  That's probably why we made the decision a couple of years ago to just keep this nice mule - even though everything here was supposed to be for sale.  But if we are not using her, then she'd probably be happier and make someone else happy going to a new home.  $12,000 - you can't take it with you when you go. 

And when she does sell, we will probably be kicking ourselves wondering why we let such a nice animal go...

This molly has a beautiful head - big, kind soft eye...she's a great color (the above left photo of this molly under saddle came out a little yellow tinted...she's actually the color of the other photos on this page), she has quarterhorse type conformation, a nice neck, good hip and not coarse at all.

There's a lot of background and stories I could tell about this molly - but the one that stands out in my mind is the year that I high-centered the living quarter trailer across the north and southbound lane of a Wyoming highway with heavy semi-truck traffic coming from both directions in this small town - luckily this molly was in the last hole...she backed out quietly and with no silliness...and I handed her off to a 8 month pregnant woman who happened upon our crazy situation...I know this molly would not push or jerk her around...I unloaded the rest of the mules, a great guy pulled our rig off the middle of the highway...we loaded back up and went on our way.  But I will always appreciate that this sweet thing just backed right out, even though I was panicking! 

Everyone from a 68 year old aunt to a 9 year old neice has been on this mule and loved her! 

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