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We enjoy raising and training mules for our own use...but we can't keep them all, so some are for sale. We have been involved in raising, training and showing these wonderful longears since 1978. We have shown mules to World and National Champion titles, in events ranging from Showmanship to Western Pleasure, English Pleasure, Roping and Dressage. Our mules are started with gentle natural horsemanship techniques learned from riding with Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman and Peter Campbell.

Our mules are raised right, receive a good training foundation and haven't been hurt, they don't come with "baggage". We try to expose them to as much as possible, including cattle, roping, hauling them to shows and trailrides, etc.
With hard work, dedication and some talented mules, we have been fortunate to have won numerous awards at many different shows. We are most proud of our wins at the biggest and toughest mule show in the nation, the Bishop Mule Days World Champion Show. Our mules have earned blue ribbons in many events including Western Pleasure, English Pleasure, Dressage and Team Roping. We have also competed at the Great Celebration Donkey and Mule Show in Shelbyville, Tennessee since the inception of the show.

We don't advertise that "we have a large selection - something for everyone"...because we don't. There is a limit to how many mules we can personally raise, train and put experience on.  We have a band of good broodmares and two top Jacks.  We raise the mules we ride and train and from time to time buy a few young ones from breeders we know and trust. That's the only way to really know the the mule you offer for sale is honest in temperament and training - no holes or hangups.

And we don't have a mule for everyone - we have good mules for good people. Not everyone should have a mule, some people will never get along well with a mule and should  stick to a horse...or possibly be better off with a bicycle.  We want our mules to go to good homes, to be enjoyed by their new owners.

What kind of people buy our mules? People that don't want to be misled, that can't afford to get hurt, that don't want to be "afraid" to ride their mule... We have been fortunate to pair up our nice mules with bankers, secretaries, VP's of large companies, self-employed, work at home mothers and grandmothers...people who have decided that they deserve a good mule to enjoy and don't want to go thru several mules before they find a good one, people who don't want to be 75 years old before they decide that they might have to spend a little bit of money to get the nice mule that they can go out and enjoy!

We raise mules, we enjoy training mules and love to ride mules. The mules for sale here are the same ones that we use ourselves, for trailriding and showing. We do not trade mules.

If you find a place that has a lot of mules for sale, mules that are gentle, ride, pack, rope, work cattle, coonhunt, packed in Colorado or Montana, owned by a 78 year old man, been in parades, shot off...think about it - one person could not possibly do all this with all these mules. We don't want to sell a "lot" of animals, but we do want to be honest in what we offer and find appreciative homes for the ones that are ready.

About our mules for Sale-- When you come out to look at a mule, it's out in the pasture so you can see how it is to catch. We don't ride them right before you get here to get them worn out (in fact, they may not have been ridden for a couple of weeks or more) so that you can see how they really are.

They are good about their feet, have been taught to load in a trailer, have had full health care, including dental, vaccinations, worming, etc. The broke mules stand still when you mount. We only have the kind of mules for sale here that we would want to buy!

We have mules from 14 hands to 17.2 hands...johns and mollies...in various stages of training from green mules to finished mules.
We know our mules are good to handle and ride--that's the only kind worth having. But we cannot control how an animal is treated after it leaves here. So mules are sold with no warranty of use expressed. You are welcome to come here, ride the animal, observe it, come back the next day, whatever you would like to make sure that this is the animal for you. You need to use your best judgement in your decision to make a purchase. We do not trade mules back in. And when you get your mule home, we are happy to answer questions and help you enjoy your new mule to the fullest. Of course, if you choose not to follow our advice, whether it be handling, riding, equipment or feeding practices, then we are not responsible. And you are welcome to come back and ride with us any time! See "Photo Album" page to view mules from Equines by Design, mules that we have enjoyed and showed to successful show careers, and mules that have gone on to good homes with great satisfied customers! You may also find out more about our jack "Amarillo Slim" and Mammothstock Donkey breeding program on our website www.DonkeysAtWindchimesFarm.com.   There is more about our showring accomplishments, mule breeding program and our broodmares on www.EquinesbyDesign.com  Please feel free to E-Mail
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