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Right now we have the prettiest mule with professional training that I have put on this website. He's a beautiful light cream dun color ......great conformation...outstanding training and a great handle to him...beautiful loper, baby trot - see his page link upper left..."Cowboy Sonny Dee".
The saddle mules we listed this fall have sold. We do have some nice horses for sale -- Currently for sale: --a beautiful 4yo black Shire/TB mare (horse) that has 60 days ranch riding experience--she stands about 15.3 hands tall and is awesome!  Please phone 940-367-6216 if you'd like more info about these animals.


Okay, here's how our mules are not being advertised: 

 ... "my husband's mule" or "wife's mule, only available because...blah, blah, blah".  Its amazing how many spouses I see that are selling their supposedly perfect mule.

...As bombproof (no living equine is bombproof, no matter who makes the claim)...if can animal can see, smell or hear, there will always be something that catches it off guard and it will react

...available because "the owner, an 80 year old preacher who rode the mule on trailrides all across the country has passed away from cancer...

...the personal mount of "an elderly handicapped woman who rode this mule all over Colorado but now can't ride any more so sadly offers her mule for sale...

...any, or all of the following:  bombproof, shot off of, packed on, roped big cattle, worked double and single to a wagon, led trailrides, been ridden by small children and safe enough for grandma, used for hoghunting, won at Western Pleasure, has flying lead changes, is traffic safe and been ridden in parades...

I'm sure a lot of the above statements ring a bell if you've been looking at advertisements of mules for sale. 

Believe it or not, I see the above claims all the time - that a prospective buyer could believe all these big claims always suprises me!  If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Sorry, maybe our mules fall short of the "claims" that many people make about the mules they want to sell!

I won't make those claims.  However, I will say that we have raised the mules offered here so that we know they are good-minded.  And we are confident that they are have trained right.  That's how we know KNOW that they will make a great riding companion to a great person for many years to come! 


THANKS for considering a mule from Equines by Design. We sell the kind of mules that WE would want to ride (and do ride - feed, haul, handle, trailride, show, etc.!)

There's not a bad one on the place...if there's something about them we don't like, we don't waste the time on them, we have too many other NICE ones here.

Use the navigation bar Upper Left, don't miss the webpages listed at the bottom of each page...and listed below are links to a few of the current mules we have available.
Please inquire about our other mules...we don't raise and train pack mules, gaited mules or working (plow) mules...but we do have great nice-minded saddle mules available!

This has been such a good year for us - and we appreciate our customers and their confidence in us...we have a few mules with descriptions/photos and several others that we have been working with that are avaialable but not on the website -- you are welcome to inquire about them. Thank you for all your inquiries - we would love to have you find a mule here at Equines by Design to take home and enjoy...
We've got some young mules that haven't been started yet if you'd like to train one your way. We have some three and four year olds - an assortment, mollies and johns, different colors, all these mules are nice-minded and love attention.

"Life's too short not to have a good mule to enjoy!"
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