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What kind of mule do you want?
Size, color, molly or john, level of training, athletic conformation, pretty-headed..

Everyone has their own idea of what kind of a mule they are looking for.

Well, we can't be "everything to everybody"...and I can't wave a magic wand and have exactly the kind of mule you've dreamed...but I can tell you what kind of mules we have here at Equines by Design. You can keep reading to see if they are the kind of animal that you are looking for also.

Every mule on the place is the kind that we can ride and enjoy. Every mule here is one that we're happy to work with, train, trailride, haul and put a smile on your face just watching it graze out in the pasture.  We don't keep a mule that doesn't doesn't fit all our requirements, we don't have to - we've got too many good ones to waste time on a bad one.

Most important to us is that the mule must have a good mind. In other words, he must be calm, trainable, understanding and friendly. We look for the mules that want attention, want to be trained, want to be ridden, likes to go trailriding.   These mules are"willing partners" whether it be for trail or the showring, they look forward to interaction with the human.

Big mule and his little buddy, Shelbyville, Tennessee.
The mules here are sound, mind and body. Their mind hasn't been messed up by someone hurting them or hurrying them along in a training program...or not giving them a good training foundation upon which to base other new experiences.

They are sound physically also. We don't sell mules if we know there is something wrong with them. The older mules get retired and if we should ever have an unsound one, it will enjoy the same retirement pasture.
Training-All our mules get started the same, with natural horsemanship techniques that work with the mule's natural tendences rather than using force and mechanics.

We do a lot of groundwork in the roundpen, then move on to getting them used to a lariat rope being thrown around them. After a couple of rides in the roundpen, we go straight out to some big country with them. The mule enjoys getting out and seeing some new sights and there is a purpose to his travelling out. Mules don't see the point in going around and around a roundpen or arena. As the mules get along farther in training, then we do school them in the pasture, teaching them to bridle up and give softly to the bit, neckrein, move the forehand and hindquarters separately, leads, etc.

Our mules are easy to catch...they want to be caught! They're good to handle on the ground, stand still when you are mounting and trailerload. They don't require a LOT of riding to stay broke, they stay trained because they got a good foundation.
Pretty is as pretty does, that's my feeling when it comes to mules. We have mules here with small horsey looking heads, big quarter horse hips and neat colors like Palomino and Leopard appaloosa. And we have mules here that some would say are more "muley" looking...some of the best mules I've ever ridden would have never fit the description of being "pretty", but you get them under saddle and moving soft and attentive, it is a whole different story.

Besides that, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'd say that most people who ride a mule would have to agree with that statement, if they didn't feel that way, they'd probably stick with horses.
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