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SOLD 1/1/2007 Brn Mule
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Sorrel John SOLD

This 4 year old john mule has been a lot of fun to ride this past 18 months.  He is nice to be around and has a lot of personality.


14.2 hands tall.  A nice sorrel color that does not sunburn in the summer.  "Redman" will be a great trailriding buddy for a long time.

You are welcome to call and visit about this nice mule - our ranch cellphone is 940-367-6216, probably the best way to reach us.

This mule has a really good strong hoof - we have never had to put shoes on him, even in sharp gravelly ground.

I realize we've been kind of hard to reach this year - if you are interested in one of the equines we offer for sale, please call again or e-mail...
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