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SOLD 1/1/2007 Brn Mule
Sorrel Molly SOLD

SOLD 1/1/2007

to a great Equines by Design customer

who purchased a nice molly from us this time last year! 

Brownie is an exceptional mule - I know you'll enjoy him...as a trail and a competitive show mule! 


This john mule is out of a bay AQHA mare.  Athletic look to him, 15.3, nice long neck and clean throatlatch. He's a coming five year old and has lots of time under saddle.

What stands out to me about this mule...he's easygoing and unafraid. Late this September on an unseasonable cool morning I turned him and another mule out from their stalls...this mule was easy to walk up to and catch even though he had been penned up for a week or so...the cowdogs were barking/biting at him but yet he waited so I could walk on up to his head and halter him and lead him out to pasture. No excitement...no silliness...no bucking,ducking off...etc. and he was perfectly happy to be with me rather than run off with his buddy.

How they are on the ground is how they are going to be under saddle!


This mule has been a lot of different places with us this past year.  And he's not funny about strangers, he loves everybody.  So you don't have to worry about a friend, stranger, veterinarian or farrier walking up to him and having him snort and try to leave.  He loves everybody and follow you to get attention. 


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